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  • Dauer K., Wagner K. G., 2023, Micro-Scale Vacuum Compression Molding as a Predictive Screening Tool of Protein Integrity for Potential Hot-Melt Extrusion Processes, Pharmaceutics,
  • Kreiser M. J., Wabel C., Wagner K. G., 2023, Direct Tableting on a Continuous Manufacturing Line—Impact of Mixing Parameters, Material Densities, and Drug Load on Subsequent Process Parameters and Tablet Quality, AAPS PharmSciTech,
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  • Dauer K., Werner C., Lindenblatt D., Wagner K. G., 2022,  Impact of process stress on protein stability in highly-loaded solid protein/PEG formulations from small-scale melt extrusion, International Journal of Pharmaceutics: X, 10.1016/j.ijpx.2022.100154
  • Becker T., Krome A. K., Vahdati S., Schiefer A., Pfarr K., Ehrenz A., Aden T., Grosse M., Jansen R., Alt S., Hesterkamp T., Stadler M., Hübner M. P., Hoerauf A., Wagner K. G., 2022, In Vitro-In Vivo Relationship in Mini-Scale--Enabeling Formulations of Corallopyrinin A, Pharmaceutics,
  • Willmann A-C., Berkenfeld K., Faber T., Wachtel H., Boeck G., Wagner K. G., 2022, Itraconazole Nanosuspensions via Dual Centrifugation Media Milling: Impact of Formulation and Process Parameters on Particle Size and Solid-State Conversion as Well as Storage Stability, Pharmaceutics,
  • Pöstges, F., Kayser, K., Stoyanov, E., Wagner, K.G., 2022. Boost of solubility and supersaturation of celecoxib via synergistic interactions of methacrylic acid-ethyl acrylate copolymer (1:1) and hydroxypropyl cellulose in ternary amorphous solid dispersions, International Journal of Pharmaceutics: X, 100115, 2022.
  • Barbara V. Schönfeld, Ulrich Westedt, Karl G. Wagner, 2022, Compression Modulus and Apparent Density of Polymeric Excipients during Compression—Impact on Tabletability, Pharmaceutics, 
  • Judith Menth, Martin Maus, Karl G. Wagner, 2022, Assessment of Abrasion-Induced Visual Defects in Twin Screw Wet Granulation Using Wall Friction Measurements , AAPS PharmScieTech, 
  • Lillotte T. D., Joester M., Fringdt B.,  Berghaus A., Lammes R. F., Wagner K. G., 2021. UV-VIS spectra as potential process analytical technology (PAT) for measureing the density of compressed materials: Evaluation of the CIELAB color space, International Journal of Pharmaceutics.
  • Lopez Marmol A., Denninger A., Touzet A., Dauer K. , Becker T., Pöstges F., Pellequer Y., Lamprecht A.,  Wagner K. G., 2021. The Relevance of Supersaturation ans Solubilization in the Gastrointestinal Tract for oral Bioavailability: An In Vitro vs. In Vivo Approach, International Journal of Pharmaceutics.
  • Denninger A., Westedt U.,  Wagner K. G., 2021. Shared IVIVR for Five Commercial Enabling Formulations Using the BiPHa+ Biphasic Dissolution Assay, Pharmaceutics. 
  • Dauer K.,  Kamm W., Wagner K. G., Pfeiffer-Marek S.,2021. High-Throuput Sceening for Colloidal Stability  of Peptide Formulations Using Dynamic and Static Light Scattering , Mol Pharm.
  • Dauer K.,  Pfeiffer-Marek S., Wagner K. G., 2021. Microwell Plate-Based Dynamic Light Scattering as a High-Throuput Characterization Tool in Biopharmaceutical Development, Pharmaceutics. 
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Book Chapter:


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* corresponding author