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Research Projects

Research projects

The research in our group is focused on the formulation development, optimization, and delivery of low molecular weight drugs, peptides, and proteins by a variety of technologies, including mainly depot drug delivery and systems for drug delivery at absorptive barriers. Our main research projects focus on the development of dispersed drug delivery systems, among them micro- and nanoparticles, microemulsions, self-emulsifying systems, and liposomes.


Multiparticulate carriers (e.g. beads, microparticles) are designed for controlled release or increased bioavailability purposes in oral drug delivery but also in the development of biodegradable implants. Significant effort is devoted to research to enhance drug solubility through novel particle engineering technologies.

Colloidal systems (nanoparticles, liposomes) are investigated in order to achieve enhanced drug transport across biological barriers, drug targeting approaches or intracellular delivery.


Beside fundamental studies on the design of micro- and nanoparticles with a focus on the development of encapsulation techniques we also concentrate on specific therapeutic applications and the therefore optimally adapted carrier system:

  • oral delivery of poorly bioavailable drugs, where significant effort is devoted to research to enhance drug absorption through novel particle engineering technologies as well as microemulsions

  • colon delivery with a major focus on drug targeting towards inflamed barriers, e.g. gastric ulcer or inflammatory bowel disease by the use of various kinds of novel multiparticulate carriers

  • selective drug delivery in cancer using both, microencapsulation techniques for depot polymeric drug delivery systems and nanoparticles allowing selective drug targeting and intracellular drug delivery 


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Postdoctoral researchers

Mohamed Ehab Ali

Mona Abdel Mottaleb


PhD students

Mary Seun Adekolurejo

Waqas Ahmad

Kai Berkenfeld

Mariane Farid

Merari Duarte

Leonie Grimm

Daris Grizic

Markus Jäger

Henusha Jhundoo

Bernadette Kettel

Jan Kozak

Dominic Lucas

Stefan Lorscheidt

John Mitri

Simone Putzke

Markus Ries

Anna Schlüter

Karim Shalaby

Tugrul Mert Serim

Maryam Shetab Boushehri

Pia Steinlein

Muhammad Azam Tahir

Stefan Wanning

Tawfek Yazeji


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